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Compression springs are...

Our CNC coilers can run many different shapes, sizes, and styles of compression springs.  We can run wire diameters from .008" up through .625".

Compression Springs Various.jpg

open-wound, helical springs that simply offer resistance to compressive forces applied along the axis. They are the most common spring-type with many diverse sizes and applications. Spring designs may vary from simply constant diameter for the entire length to more complex barrel and conical configurations. Differing end geometries and tolerance requirements are necessary for specific applications.

Marik Spring, Inc. manufactures these springs to suit your requirements in both round and square wire up to 0.625” diameters in several different end configurations. In developing quotations, we can work with drawings, specifications, samples, or any combination of these. Knowing your load requirements, the envelope in which your spring must function, and the environment (temperature, corrosion, etc.), we can assist in developing a manufacturing solution to meet your specifications.

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