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SINCE 1954...

Marik has been a manufacturer of springs with a pledge to exceed customer expectations. Today we continue that commitment with consistent quality, engineering experience, and on time delivery at competitive prices. Our pledge is to manufacture the finest product at an unsurpassed value and quality. Marik Spring believes, by carefully selecting employees and providing them with a challenging and positive work environment, they will be motivated to elevated levels of performance and excellence. Dedication and hard work of our people provides quality and responsive service to our customers.


“what-to-do” questions about springs and wire forms, ranging from bucket handles to products for space vehicles. Marik Spring’s skilled staff have always had a unique ability to analyze customer requirements and provide both creative & cost effective options. We strive to go beyond what was expected. We take on the tough jobs that often challenge the industry.

Marik Spring is committed to offering unmatched customer service and reliability by providing the highest quality products to meet our customer's business needs. 

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